Bluezone: Innovative Modular SaaS for EHS Compliances

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Adrian Byrne, CEO, and Founder, BluezoneAdrian Byrne, CEO, and Founder
Environment, Health, and Safety have become the core component of every business. Compliances to regulations and standards are no longer the only purpose of an EHS programme. Several new technologies are soaring the competition and EHS plays a vital role here. It enables companies to make better financial decisions and reduce expenditure. It protects a brand's reputation and enhances its reach. Not to forget, it is useful for the retention of employees. There are several complexities associated with EHS, and BlueZone, a software specialist in EHS, is the best place to seek assistance at.

Bluezones’s vision is to innovative solutions for organisations looking to create a safe and healthy environment for their workers and manage their compliances, supply chain, health and safety, and induction and eLearning. It is known to help brands become more efficient in managing and monitoring their compliances to reduce the risks associated with EHS. Bluezone’s team consists of highly qualified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) experts who come from a range of backgrounds. Bluezone provides solutions for your compliance management, document management, CA/PA, audit, quality, and health and safety needs with a suite of Bluezone modules.

Bluezone ensures that its clients carry out business in a safe, sustainable manner that respects the environment. It works closely with its clients throughout the entire process of implementation, helps them improve their current operations, and helps them meet all the environmental regulations. As its name suggests, Bluezone makes sure that its clients have the healthiest environment to work in.

It offers highly innovative Multi-platform cloud-based solutions that enable users to control, monitor, report, and integrate all the aspects of the brand's operations.

Bluezone provides a modular solution that offers several specialised functionalities, such as risk control, productive workplace, optimised performance, corporate transparency, paperless management, and many more.

The Organisation Module enables users to easily manage, control, and protect the organisation and its employees by ensuring overall compliance with regulations.

Users can easily access essential documents that are stored in secure locations This helps in maintaining employee records, to ensure they are compliant and trained.

Bluezone also offers an end-to-end IoT compliance monitoring system called Bluezone24 which makes it easier for the user to view, plan, and act according to the data available in one location. Bluezone also offers a Supply Chain management solution that enables the users to pre-qualify, audit, and monitor the entire supply chain. This helps in reducing risks and protecting the reputation of the business. One can organise, plan, track and manage all projects, sites, assets, resources and ensure they are compliant and maintained as such and inspected both internally and externally for EHS standards. These solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of the organisation, depending upon their industry to safely cover all legal aspects.

Bluezone also offers Legionella Module which enables the organisation to accurately collect, manage and log Legionella and Water Hygiene data through software solutions. Organizations can meet their statutory duties to safeguard against potential threats by using this module. They can schedule checks, analyse reports and detect the issues in the water systems. All this data is collected digitally which ensures paperless recordkeeping, reducing admin time and cost.

The Communication/ Toolbox Talks by Bluezone offers a range of communications, safety awareness briefings, instruction, and training regarding EHS. Managers can ensure the complaint of their employees using this module and training them. This module also offers risk assessments. A manager can easily communicate important information to the employees globally through the connection and clarification feature. Bluezone's eLearning and training module help keep the staff of the clients up to date with the latest developments in regulations.

Bluezone is enabling brands to avoid legal, reputational, and financial penalties by offering them an easy to use cloud-based software. Through its solutions, brands are able to control their risks, monitor their operations and obtain peace of mind. Bluezone offers an affordable tool, allowing its users to streamline their operations and reduce the risks associated with EHS.

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Adrian Byrne, CEO, and Founder

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